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The Will of Rot

As part of a campaign i’m currently running, I needed a forest to house Mother Mohln of the Mohln race from my very first post on this blog. 

I thought about using Dolmenwood which there is a lot of content for. However, a lot of it is split up between a lot of the Wormskin Zine Issues and I wanted something I could bring along to every session for reference. Plus, its fae aesthetic wasn’t exactly how I envisaged the home of the Mohln.

So, in true OSR fashion, I decided to do it myself! I’ve been wanting to put time into producing another one page adventure location since the One Page Dungeon Competition as I found it so much fun. I’ve also been eating up all the amazing content from Michael Prescott of Trilemma Adventures as i find his stuff so useful at the table its incredible.

I ended up creating The Will of Rot – small hexcrawl adventure set the the Forests of Mohln. I have put it up for pay what you want on, so click the button below to download it for free.

If you like it, throw me a buck! If your from the UK like me, that’s like 76p! I’ve seen chocolate bars more expensive than that! It ended up being 3 pages, mostly because I have little self control, but also because I created some Maps and a couple tables for use in play. It definitely wears its inspirations on its sleeves, as i’ve been consuming a large amount of community content lately! Can you name all the OSR creators that I have unashamedly ripped off here? If you end up running it, let me know! Its already inspired viscous hatred of the townspeople of Timberwick and casued the forced adoption of a young Vash in my games. What will happen in yours?

While we are on the topic of self promotion, I’m currently writing an article for a Kickstarter Silver Swords: An RPG fanzine as part of Kickstarter’s Zine Quest initiative. If you like RPGs, especially DIY, OSR and Indie stuff, check out Silver Swords and the other projects that will be running this month!

2 thoughts on “The Will of Rot”

  1. Hi Olobosk!

    I liked your little 3-page adventure. However, I would suggest adding some details from your previous post (particularly about the Vash and Mohln) to a separate background document. Something the DM could read to get a sense of the setup in linear fashion. It doesn't have to be long, even a single page will do, but coming to the 1-page I had a hard time parsing "what am I supposed to run?" "what is happening?" "what is the big challenge?"

    Otherwise – lovely, light premise. Good one!

  2. Hey Luka!

    Thanks so much, i'm ecstatic that you read it! 😀

    I do see your point. I wanted to leave a lot about what/who the Mohln and Vash are, and the overall "plot" so to speak fairly emergent from reading it. The idea being a GM would come to their own conclusions and make it their own.

    I did have plans for an event timeline, but couldn't find an organic place to fit it. Perhaps as another supplement alongside the maps would be a good idea though… If inspiration hits ill stick it alongside everything else.

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