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Game Design


The Cycle of Cerberus

Layout & Graphic Design

A 5th Edition Dungeons & Dragons Adventure, involving some of Patreon's best and brightest 5e creators.

Olobosk provided a professional and clean looking layout with thematic graphic design elements including borders, backgrounds, typography and colour scheme.

Trash Planet Epsilon 5

A Rules Lite, Old School, Sci-Fi RPG Zine.

A cyberjunk space hack of Chris McDowall's Electric Bastionland. Combination setting, adventure and custom ruleset.

Raised over $5,000 on Kickstarter and with over 300 backers. Physical zine created in collaboration with Swordfish Islands.

The Will of Rot

Layout, Art, Writing & Game Design

A classic wilderness hexcrawl adventure and dungeon contained in 3 short pages. The ideal intro for new GMs.

Evershift Cover


Layout & Graphic Design

A 5th Edition Dungeons & Dragons Adventure, set amidst the mystical Feywild.

Olobosk provided a whimsical and charming design, picking a soft, pastel colour palette appropriate to the setting. Innovative graphics were used to help inform the reader on the purpose of various paragraphs.

Evershift Page
Evershift Page




Layout & Writing

A microhack of Electric Bastionland by Chris McDowell.

Olobosk refines the rules of an already tiny game down to miniscule scale. Providing a character sheet and player facing rules in a tiny business card format.


Layout, Writing & Game Design

An SCP Foundation Dread Scenario that explores using hidden information in a cooperative roleplaying game.