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A micro, modular TTRPG built on business cards.

Rove focuses on being fast and approachable, with the potential to add systems and procedures as needed rather than presenting them up front. 

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Trash Planet Epsilon 5

A Rules Lite, Old School, Sci-Fi RPG Zine.

Trash Planet Epsilon 5 is a cyberjunk space hack of Chris McDowall's Electric Bastionland. The rules-lite RPG system enables play to begin almost immediately, and this adventure makes a great one-shot or starter for a longer sci-fi campaign.

Available in print at Swordfish Islands!

The Will of Rot

A wilderness hexcrawl adventure and dungeon

The woodlands are in crisis. On the southern border, the human town of Timberwick is suffering from a blight on its crops, and mysterious creatures killing its livestock. To the east, the Vash are becoming addicted to a new local delicacy populating the forest, and within, Mother Mohln and her children are falling victim to an infestation of fungus.

The Will of Rot is about an ecosystem being disrupted by an alien force. Throw it into your campaign world with ease, or run it as a standalone mystery!




A micro hack for Electric Bastionland

A business card sized character sheet and short player facing rules for Chris McDowellโ€™s Electric Bastionland found here. Styling is heavily inspired by Alec Sorensenโ€™s beautiful illustrations from the book.


An SCP Foundation Dread Scenario

The Forgotten Abbey

A procedurally generated one page dungeon

Explore the crumbling ruins of an ancient temple, now home to a powerful lich whoโ€™s unholy magics shift the architecture and resurrect trapped souls indefinitely.

One of the winning entries to the:

2019 One Page Dungeon Contest