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[REDACTED PER PROTOCOL 4000-ESHU] – A Dread Scenario

I wrote a SCP themed Dread scenario to run as a spooky one-shot.

If you don’t know about The Foundation, I’m sorry about that thing you wanted to do today, but I’m also not sorry because you get to read all of these for the first time!

Player packets ready to go.

This scenario is based on the SCP article Taboo, written by PeppersGhost. It recently won a contest to be SCP number [REDACTED], so I can only hope this scenario does this fantastic piece of fiction justice!

The idea behind this game is to split the required information needed to keep everyone safe between the players, then sit back and watch the inevitable chaos as they attempt to survive not knowing quite enough to stay alive.

Here is a link to all the documents needed to run the scenario – Including digital, and print copies. (Even in letter size for you Imperial heathens.)
I’m very excited to be running a game of this for Halloween this year. If you end up running it, please let me know! Iā€™m really curious to know how it goes for others. 

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